Guitar Slim, Jr., has once again spoken. His new CD, “Brought Up The Hardway,” continues on with a musical autobiography begun with the Grammy nominated The Story of My Life in 1988, which featured tracks of his father’s music, (Eddie Jones, aka Guitar Slim) and later with Nothin’ Nice. In the new album, Guitar Slim, Jr. pays tribute to both his father (“Daddy’s Good Reputation”) and his mother (“A Tribute To Momma.”) But he goes beyond family into the lows of love (“Don’t Down Me”) to the highs (“I’m Ready to be a One Woman’s Man”), to the trials of growing up with the blues (“I Was Raised a Tough Louisiana Man”) to the fun of being a (“Sugar Daddy.”) In the title track (“Brought Up The Hardway,”) he sings, “I believe I’ve lived it all.”


“Brought Up The Hardway”

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Guitar Slim, Jr. to play at the

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

May 5, 2012 in the Blues Tent

Guitar Slim, Jr. at the 2011 Jazz Fest - Photo courtesy of Dan Gallemore