Guitar Slim, Jr at the New Orleans Jazz Fest 2013
Guitar Slim, Jr at the New Orleans Jazz Fest 2013
Guitar Slim, Jr. has been playing music since his childhood and throughout his career has played both in front of thousands of fans to small gatherings of friends nationwide. His music and outstanding stage performances keep audiences coming back for more. His original guitar sound and unique vocal ranges complementing his song writing achievements bring the blues genre to another level. And while the connection with his dad will always figure largely in his music and personal life, he has moved on to be his own man…

Guitar Slim, Jr. began experimenting with creating music at a very young age by pulling rubber bands over the knobs on a dresser drawer imitating guitar and bass sounds and later, playing a ukulele that was given to him by one of his uncles. Growing up on the mean streets of the inner city, Guitar Slim Jr. developed a tough, workman like approach to music and life. With the harsh life experiences dealt to him from early on to present, Guitar Slim Jr. has persevered. Slim’s music career has spanned from the venues of New Orleans to Jackson to Memphis to Los Angeles to the bright lights of New York City.

Guitar Slim Jr. became good friends with Stevie Ray Vaughan in the late 1980’s. They joined forces at the Great Woods Blues Festival in the 1980s and then subsequently toured with SRV and Double Trouble where plans were in the works on recording a duet album. One time, Guitar Slim Jr. and Stevie, after SRV finished playing at the New Orleans Blues and Heritage Festival, walked around on the festival grounds, joking with one another and fans with Slim Jr. wearing SRV’s legendary hat with the feather soaring out of one side. Guitar Slim Jr. continues to relishes those days. Guitar Slim Jr. remained close until Stevie’s death on August 27, 1990 and still to this day remains loyal blues soul mate with the late SRV.

Slim Jr. is known as generous with his time, talent, and advice. If you ever have to chance to meet with Guitar Slim Jr., do so. You can ask him any questions and just sit back and enjoy the time. Guitar Slim Jr. is truly a fans musician!